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How can we live authentically as Highly Sensitive People?

Here are 7 affirmations that can help us to let go of false comparisons, allowing us to live in truth, abundance, and acceptance Highly Sensitive People.

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to challenge and eliminate negative or unhelpful thoughts that can hold us back as HSPs.

Practicing positive affirmations is extremely simple, but it does require regular practice.

1. I trust myself and I am perfect just as I am.

If you begin to feel insecurity and self-doubt creeping into your life, keep in mind…

The air turns crisp, the apples are ripe, leaves crunch under your feet. There are many things to be enjoyed when summer fades, but those fall colors quickly fade, everything goes gray, and you can start to wonder if the sun has abandoned you for a permanent vacation in Miami…

Tonya Rothe | Highly Sensitive Healing

500 RYT Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Nutritionist for Highly Sensitive People

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